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Holiday Home for Rent in Gallipoli

Palazzo di via Celso: where our adventures in Gallipoli began. The first house we viewed when we decided to own a bolthole in Puglia.

The palace was a beautiful, independent building that hadn’t been resided in for years, yet all of the charm and splendour that had once been on full display was still there, shimmering under the surface.

What struck us during the first visit were the floors made with ancient cement tiles which looked like stone rugs and the frescoes, simple and yet exquisite in their simplicity.

We didn’t close the deal on that first visit, but a few years later we came back and purchased Palazzo di via Celso. Transforming it into three apartments, each with its own private terrace with views to the sea, and still bearing a mark of the historical importance of the palace…

Today, our doors are open at Via Celso 11 with our apartments: Storie e Affreschi, Lu Poggiulu and Il Nido, which will you choose?

The story behind Palazzo di via Celso

Babies play a large part in the history of Palazzo di via Celso. One of the female members of the original family who owned the building was a midwife in the 1950s and 60s. She was the only midwife residing in the historic centre of Gallipoli and she birthed many children right here in the palace!

The vast roof terrace was uniquely used to dry clothes, but today we have divided the space into three private terraces, so that whichever apartment you book, you’ll enjoy a privileged sea view.

Or why not book the whole palace for a family or friend’s escape to Gallipoli?