Where it all started


Did you know it’s possible to fall in love with a place at first sight? Just as you might with a person?

This is what happened to me when I first set eyes on Puglia.

My husband introduced me to Gallipoli. Located on a little isle off the Ionian coast on the Salento peninsula, it’s a magical place.

I immediately adored everything about it: the warmth of the people, the food that reminded me of my childhood, the beguiling sunsets and turquoise crystalline waters.

I live in Milan, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Italy. Yet when I stepped foot on Puglia soil it felt real, it felt authentic, it felt like home.

And that’s how our adventure started.

The story behind the name

When we started out welcoming guests to our homes, my husband and I spent many a creative evening together discussing names for our Puglia rental business.

We undertook research, appreciation and comprehensibility tests. We asked friends and family, but it was feedback from one wonderful guest that in a lightbulb moment gave us the name.

So simple, it was perfect. Le Case di Valentina was born!

The story behind the brand

When it came to developing the brand for Le Case di Valentina, there was only one person I wanted to work, my great friend Lionel Russo.

I met Lionel many years ago whilst living in Strasburg. His father was originally from Gallipoli, migrating to France as a child. Lionel spent many summer holidays in Gallipoli with his family, so of course, he was the natural choice when it came to designing my brand.

He combined the spherical form of our authentic Puglia trulli, the pattern of the vaulted ceilings you’ll find in several of our homes in Valle d’Itria and Gallipoli, and the delicate ripple of waves on the Ionian coast.

And hey presto, the Case di Valentina brand was born!

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